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Date-Night? Five Cannabis-Infused Food, and Drinks to Try.

Posted on 1月 07 2020

Date-Night? Five Cannabis-Infused Food, and Drinks to Try.
It took a few decades, but finally, cannabis is on the menu. And it’s because FINALLY, we’ve realized we can all act like grownups and be responsible for what we eat, drink and smoke.
Cannabis-infused food is all the hype, and for a good reason. Food is better than ever: organically grown veggies, farm to table, sustainable practices, composting, many restaurants around the world are ticking the right boxes. They are now at the forefront of what we should all be doing: eating responsibly. (Our family next 'bucket list' visit is, Stush In The Bush farm to table restaurant in Jamaica)
This all means that dining out is now more entertaining than usual and that cannabis-infused dishes have never looked fancier. Here’s a list of a few dishes and drinks that you have to try the next time you’re out to have a good time.
Cannabis Cocktails, the best of both worlds
Enjoy a Green Derby, with infused Bourbon, lime and grapefruit juices and honey syrup, or a Hoppy Americano made of cannabis-infused sparkling water, Campari and sweet vermouth.
As with weed, alcohol reacts differently in each of us. Both take time to affect us, so take it easy and enjoy every sip. If unsure, enjoy an alcohol-free cannabis-infused mocktail first, and go from there — they’re just as tasty and will put you in the right mood to hang out.
Weed-infused Lobster, how to infuse food?
This one’s for you, big spender. Imagine a luscious, meaty lobster tail sautéed in garlic and butter, a succulent dish for the most memorable occasions.
Here’s the thing, cooking with cannabis is a bit trickier than you might think. It’s not as simple as sprinkling the stuff on your bowl of noodles (you could definitely do that.) To cook restaurant-quality dishes, you must incorporate weed into the ingredients, how? In oils.
You can infuse coconut oil or, like with our decadent lobster dish, in the butter. Once infused, you’ll be able to cook with it, which is how chefs in America are making the best of the green weed.
Tomahawk steak with green chimichurri, top your food with it
Chefs are finding new ways to add cannabis to their culinary creations. And a particularly tasty method is by adding cannabis in the sauces.
Chimichurri, an Argentine herb-infused oil mixed with vinegar, has long been the perfect partner for steaks and prime cuts. The sauce cuts through the fat and livens up the meaty flavors.
Although parsley has forever been the star in this herb-infused seasoning, you could replace it with any leafy green you like, including marijuana.
Prepare for the best steak you’ve ever had, and trust us, this one will calm your insatiable appetite.
CBD Milkshakes, because who doesn't love milkshakes?
How about a CBD milkshake to satisfy your sweet tooth?
It turns out infusing food with our favorite leafy plant hasn’t been as easy as we thought (we prayed) to be. But dairy, for its natural fat, has bonded nicely with cannabis oils, so looking around, you won’t have much trouble finding an unctuous, coating CBD - THC infused milkshake in town.
And with milkshakes come the cookies; it’s a well-known courtesy, which is another opportunity to enjoy a baked good dosed with cannabis.
Hoppy Wine, it's about time
Cannabis-infused wine is hitting the shelves. Although it has taken a while to perfect the emulsification of cannabis oils with the fermented grape juice, there’s now enough for everyone to take a sip.
House of Saka winery in California is now offering their lovely Saka pink wine with 20 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD, which will surely get you on the right track to have a fabulous night out.
There are more to come. More wineries are releasing cannabis wines, which will change the way we enjoy both cannabis and wine. With a wine like this, imagine how your dinner will taste like! That’s a perfect pairing right there.


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