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Coronavirus, COVID-19, 'Rona' WTF? Is There A Silver Lining?

Posted on 4月 05 2020

Nations worldwide are on Coronavirus lockdown. People have temporarily lost their jobs. Countries are being told to shelter in place. No one seemingly can find any toilet paper or hand sanitizer. People are worried. How could any good come out of all that? Could there really be a silver lining behind this dark cloud?

With all the negativity flooding our lives at the moment, believe it or not, positive actions and reactions are occurring.

With only essential businesses open, pollution has been greatly reduced all over the world. People are driving less, without that daily work commute, instead working from home. Production factories aren’t spewing out chemicals. Rivers and canals have become cleaner and many aquatic and wildlife creatures have returned. The Earth is breathing a sigh of relief.

Home life has changed drastically in positive ways. Unless you’re an essential worker, you have no choice but to stay home. Well, guess what? Staying home is keeping you out of the fast lane of “normal” life. Families are cooking healthy homemade meals. They are eating together, talking, and making the most of their current situations. People are staying more hydrated, getting more sleep, and even finding time for all those things we’ve been too busy to do for far too long. No one seems to have to be reminded to wash their hands.

Families have had to fundamentally think about their food choices and sources which, let’s face it, is something that has been long overdue for very many of us. Nurseries/garden centers are deemed essential businesses and people are flocking (in line and online) to buy up fruit and vegetable seeds, plants, and gardening supplies to grow their own food. This surge in gardening is changing people’s understanding and relationship with their food. This makes us all a little greener, a little healthier, and much more educated about how our food is grown and where it comes from.

Speaking of green, cannabis dispensaries are also deemed essential businesses for a less stressful time both physically and mentally. A healthy mind and body create a healthy life.

We will come out of this healthier, kinder, and with new and better outlooks on what really matters in our lives.


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