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Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! | So Long 2020, JEEZ!

Posted on december 21 2020

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! | So Long 2020, JEEZ!

-  It's 5:02am EST the new year 2021 is ten days away, I can confidently say that I along with millions around the world cannot wait for this year 2020 along with it's bullying big brother (...I was actually talking about C*O*V*I*D-19) to be over. The challenges of 2020 has made many of us mentally stronger but also broken many families and individuals physically, mentally and spiritually. Fake food, fake relationships, fake jobs, fake business has all been tested or eradicated, this is the great reset. Love, positivity and humanness has won again.

"Let the herbs be for the healing of nations", as a kid who had the awesome opportunity to grow up in the Caribbean, this phrase has been chanted many times by the Rastafarian community, while being discriminated on and disenfranchised by law enforcement and the more popular, connected and larger christian community. Has the 'chanting' paid off? Has their prayer been answered instead?

This great world reset, did anyone saw this coming? Whether created by man or the universe, many of us has been blindsided by C*O*V*I*D-19. This has brought many countries to the brink of bankruptcy, well... the world banks are still happily lending, so while some are experiencing real life challenges because of this, many like the Billionaire class, like during any other type of war in human history are profiting from both sides and are doubling their network. Left to pick up the pieces to take care of our family is you and I once again. Today is December twenty-first, twenty twenty, as I write this many states and countries around the world are writing bills that would start the process for creating a legal framework for a licit market for cannabis. Up until now, the driving force behind the push to legalize Cannabis since prohibition has been the 'outcast' of society the undesirables, the disenfranchised, and so-call fringe religious groups like in the Rastafarian culture of which reggae royalty Robert Nesta 'Bob' Marley was part of.

Cannabis legalization is now part of states and country economic plan to jump-start their struggling economy because of the residual effect brought on by C*O*V*I*D-19.

The hurt, pain and the deliberate racist attack brought on by the paid agents of the prohibitionist has been devastating to many in society especially in economically challenged neighborhoods and those communities designed for the black and brown humans, this does not negate predominantly black and brown countries whose 'leaders' were either pressured and/or bribed into signing contracts to further enslave their own people. Finally, In my opinion the enslavement of humans in the Western world for the past four hundred and fifty years was an economic decision, just like cannabis prohibition, and maybe even C*O*V*I*D-19, only time will tell. There has always been those who created the 'boogeyman' to profit from it, who then create propaganda and programmed agents to keep the fear and punishment in place while they get rich, coincidentally, the ones who suffers the most always seems to be the same groups, same culture same humans.

Racism has always been built into laws, commerce and employment that has now become unsustainable, this matrix of illusion has for over hundred of years and currently still is destroying too much of earths organic humans natural resources and is driven by too much hate, hate is a weakness and a lack of one focusing on bettering themself but killing, stealing and destroying what others created often times with great difficulty brought on by the same people or system who is killing, stealing and destroying them for their gifts to humanity. We as the human race will never experience our true potential until we the people of all spectrum, the majority seek truth and begin to reject the programming of the homicidal matrix profiting minority. Like C*O*V*I*D-19 blindsided us, let's return the favor to them, let's continue this transformation into 2021, reduce watching television and lets read more of the intentionally hidden truths.

Generation Us, We Will Change The World For The GOOD!                   HAPPY TRANSFORMATIONAL NEW YEAR!


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