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Is COVID-19 A Prophesy? | The Herbs Are For The Healing Of The Nations

Posted on oktober 24 2020

Is COVID-19 A Prophesy? | The Herbs Are For The Healing Of The Nations

Is COVID-19 A Prophesy Being Fulfilled? | The Herbs Are For The Healing Of The Nations.


Unless you've been living under a rock in the bottom of the Atlantic ocean for the past eight months, you should have heard of humanity's new bogeyman, no I'm not talking Trumpf, I'm talking about COVID-19 or the corona virus. To many it is nothing but complete and utter bullshit, and a scare tactics promoted by main stream media and the world elites with an ulterior motive, which to many the truth is slowly starting to reveal itself,  to some it has yet to reveal its real intentions. But on the other side of the coin there are people getting sick and some dying worldwide, so to governments around the world whether they are a willing or unwillingly participating in this plot to rid the world of the weak, sickly, uninspired, broke, black and old people; or is this something that really must be look at and eradicated, you know like the flu? No matter what it takes, even if it takes bringing their country to the brink of bankruptcy, or just an excuse to borrow millions more?

There are many other new words that are trending worldwide like #Blaxit, White Supremacy, and the word Essential. According to my very expensive and trusted go-to dictionary (Google) the word Essential means: absolutely necessary; extremely important. Crucial, Necessary, Key, Vital, Indispensable, Needed, so why is this word so important right now? This is a pro-cannabis blog; do I reeelly need to say it? Ok, for the one's in the back, in many States and countries around the world cannabis is considered as essential during this COVID-19  p(l)andemic.

In recently emancipated States like Michigan, licensed cannabis retailers can remain open, as long as medical and recreational sales only occur through delivery or curbside service.

And, after a stay-at-home order was issued to San Francisco Bay Area residents, marijuana sales soared more than 150 percent over the same period a year earlier, said Liz Connors, director of analytics at Headset, a cannabis market research company. She said purchases of edibles like gummy candies surged to levels typically only seen around April 20, or “4/20,” the annual, if unofficial, marijuana appreciation holiday.

Women and young people — Generation Z — accounted for much of the sales growth, according to Headset.

Leaders around the world are looking for all kinds of different options to restart the wheels of their local economy, and the oil some are using? Is cannabis oil. Countries in the Caribbean, with cannabis laws that are heavily influenced and in some case governed by overly religious zealots and are heavily coated in Color-ism and colonialist ideologies are unbuckling, they are starting to realize globalization is here and such archaic type of thinking in a globalized post-COVID-19  economy is a recipe for currency devaluation, high unemployment rates, and the ongoing, accepted mass incarceration of more young, black, brown and poor citizens, their favorite on the menu? Young black males.

Racism has, is and will always be a shit-stain on civilization, it's unfathomable that at one point slavery was legally the law of the land and in some way today still is; black, brown and poor families and communities are bearing the brunt of injustice by a 'Just us' system who's usual claims is that the system is broken, however to many they know it was designed that way and is working perfectly! These gas-lighting tactics give them a mental pass to neglect their irresponsibility that the legal injustices by targeted mass incarceration destroys communities and real family lives; that poverty leads to crime and that the happiness of any society begins with the well being of the families that live in it... Well, that's if happiness of ALL in society' is really the intent of their modus operandi. Because there is more money in war, chaos and dysfunction than in peace and love.

While people of all shades are moving to different countries around the world like Mexico, Ghana, The Gambia, Panama, Norway and Canada, highly diverse and tourism dependent Caribbean countries like Barbados, The Bahamas, Bermuda,   Jamaica (Jamaica is only up to six months but has legal cannabis)  and others are accepting applications for one year remote work visas, so along with their perfect sunny climate and white sandy beaches they are welcoming those who want to get away from the cold, snow, riots and racism and are all adding something extra, something green to attract a new type of visitors. Those who 'rebel-against-the-status-quo, those with a "I am not my Ancestors" mindset,  a diverse, anti-racist, highly educated, and organically inspired class of people from generation X, Y & Z also known as The Positive Class.


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