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Surviving The Pandemic | Living On An 'Out Island' In The Caribbean.

Posted on november 07 2021

Surviving The Pandemic | Living On An 'Out  Island' In The Caribbean.


Governors Harbour Port - Eleuthera, The Bahamas:

It's been six months, my first time living on the island of Eleuthera for more than a few days vacation; but more importantly since I've last tasted Conch Fritters. This trip was personal. Spending this time with my paternal side of the family was a life goal. The quality time spent in the heart of nature was a very much needed life-changing therapy, I left a ton of baggage and negative energy that I carried with me for decades amongst the trees in nature at Thomasville, hopefully this will help the plants grow quicker perhaps? As scheduled, I am heading back to the city of Nassau for now, who knows where I'll be heading next... Follow and subscribe to the podcast to keep updated. I'm inspired and feeling awesome, this is going to be EPIC! Stay Tuned In! #OneLove #KOTQ #CottonForTheSoul


While the pandemic may still exist, the world is steadily rebounding from a devastating two years of challenges and opportunities. April 2021, I shut everything down in Nassau and begin to face the darkness, the unknown, but it's something I've dream about for more than two decades. This was scary, and certainly got me out of my comfort zone. This was personal. This was so important to my being, it was expedient for this to be a lonely, soul-searching, life-changing experience... And yes, I fu*king did it! The first 30 days was the most challenging, being so anxious, motivated but naive about the unique culture on the Island of Eleuthera, and the mindset of others when the town of 'John Millars' was mentioned was an interesting, sometimes challenging, sometimes unfortunate learning curve; however I never give up!

Leaving The City-life For The Island-life | Day One/Week One.

Although I had to change up my strategy because progress is impossible if you continue to do the same that does not produce the result you want. Example: Paying $20 for what grow in abundance in the wild on the island, paying $1500 for what others got for $800, I intimately learned the sometimes toxic relationship between trust, money and 'friendship'... Again And even though after six months paying hundreds for a residential building plan, and receiving a commercial building drawing and having it rejected many times as recent as this week, I still consider the six months experience living in Eleuthera, Bahamas a great success. The people was friendly and hard-working, the barracuda salad from the local restaurant in Green Castle was like crack, I wish I could of give a better explanation and description, but once you taste this $7 weekdays $5 weekend bowl of barracuda meat with herbs, spices and lime, you will certainly be coming back for more.

The fruits on the Island are organic and fresh, and they all tasted good, so? all the fruits I ate, I planted them all. Special thanks to my family in John Millers whom I met for the first time in 2018, to my Auntie Shirley, thank you for the love and mandatory Sunday dinners, to my cousins Cheriah, Zavy and Eddie and others, thank you for your hospitality. Although my strategy changed several times, however, my goal was static. I acquired a great piece of property in a fantastic location, just a few miles down the street from where Disney Cruise Line (DCL) is schedule to begin building their Lighthouse Point project in the next few months. I planted over one hundred fruit trees on the property, sugar cane, coco plums, sour sop, sugar apple, pineapples, avocados, guinep, and many different varieties of coconut trees and mango trees.

Leaving The Island-life For The City-life | Final Day | Six Months Later.

So whats next? Stay tuned in, this is really just the beginning. Season two will be EPIC! Namaste! Stay tuned in and thank you for following us on this life full-filling journey It's always good connecting with you. Cheers!

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