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The 'Hottest' Destination In The Caribbean Is Legalizing Cannabis!

Publié le janvier 21 2020

The 'Hottest' Destination In The Caribbean Is Legalizing Cannabis!
Yes, you read that right, arguably the 'hottest' destination in the Caribbean is jumping into the legal billion-dollar cannabis industry. Located just a stone's throw from the shores of world-famous South Beach and the Miami, Florida shore-line, the tropical island nation of The Bahamas is progressing towards the decriminalization of small amounts of cannabis.
The Bahamas, because of it's close proximity to the United States has always been the ideal location for drug traffickers using the warm tropical water and the shallow white sandy banks of this beautiful island nation to transport their illegal cargo into the most lucrative market in North America, the United States. Whether it's rum runners, cocaine traffickers during the Pablo Escobar's era or marijuana, this small yet powerful Island nation for the past decades has been a strategic partner with United States LEO's to stop the flow of illegal narcotics into the country. Because of this highly profitable temptation among the locals, the collateral damage to the citizens of The Bahamas, especially among the unemployed and under-employed young black and brown male population, is now more evident than ever before. Now that the nefarious secrets of cannabis prohibition are out, unfortunately, one can now say based on the overwhelming evidence that the 'war on drugs' (cannabis) was an unfortunate success in predominantly black, brown and poor neighborhoods and countries? hundreds of young people especially men have been killed, separated from their families and/or disenfranchised with criminal records because of cannabis prohibition, while products that can be more deadly and destructive like pharmaceuticals and alcohol flows freely and wreak havoc on the mind, body, and spirit of black, brown and poor citizens in the Caribbean and around the world.
This Bahamas - United States drug-fighting relationship has not always been 'peachy' since February 27, 1929, when the government passed the Dangerous Drugs Act which dealt with drug offenses in the Bahamas, including cannabis.
And in 1962, Act 26 amended the Act, providing a new definition of Indian hemp which, "includes all parts of the plant Cannabis Sativa whether growing or not from which the resin has not been extracted; the resin extracted from any part of such plant; and every compound, manufacture, salt derivative, mixture or preparation of such plant or resin. Read more here. 
The long-awaited Marijuana Commission Report was released today January 21st, 2020, the Prime Minister held a news conference and ordered all those incarcerated solely for small amounts of cannabis to be set free! This is ground-breaking news for this small conservative tourism-friendly archipelago, with news like this, its safe to say The Bahamas is now officially in election season.

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