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Sun, Sand, Beaches & Locally Grown Cannabis In The Bahamas!??

Publicado el enero 05 2020

Sun, Sand, Beaches & Locally Grown Cannabis In The Bahamas!??
The 700 Islands of The Bahamas, a beautiful, stable, and thriving democratic archipelago with the most perfect climate for locals to grow cannabis and visitors to enjoy while soaking up the sun on many of its scattered family of islands saturated by unspoiled beaches, however, while the rest of the progressive states, islands, and countries are embracing this new multi-billion dollar legal cannabis industry, this 'new found' medicinal superfood and righting the wrongs to their citizen because of the failed war on cannabis, The Bahamas with a population of four hundred thousand that is approximately eighty-percent brown and black, the hardest hit race and demographic communities around the world devastated by the racist "war on marijuana" is finding it a bit of a political challenge moving forward ending this disastrous war because of the staunch resistance from some of the most uninformed and extreme locals. While many progressive and influential leaders have publicly and privately voiced their support for legalization, decriminalization or medical cannabis, many have not
Located just 181 miles off the coast of Miami, The Bahamas have been very influential in the war on drugs for the past forty plus years and assisted the United States in many of its operations because of its close proximity to its borders, which has been used by rum runners and drug smugglers alike for decades trying to get their illegal loads into the most lucrative market, the United States.
While some commentators on tribune242.com were quick to point out the hypocrisy: (DWW) "How many of these opponents commenting are employed by the liquor industry the pharmaceutical industry or the gambling industry or big business prison or lawyers who make lots of money off of putting people behind bars or getting them out from behind bars."
For now, local prohibitionist cognitive dissonance and gaslighting seem to have no effect on Prime Minister Minnis administration, who just happens to also be a medical doctor and has voiced his position for cannabis legalization and expunging records for small amounts of cannabis in The Bahamas. along with the opposition party leaders and third party leaders, including the commissioner of police, have all voiced their support for restoring hope, dignity, and justice and ending this targeted war that has negatively affected the lives of so many, especially black and brown males and their families over the past decades.
Jamaica, another Caribbean country legalized cannabis in April of 2015 and has been reaping positive rewards, while many other Caribbean countries remain stuck and continue to uphold cannibalistic and regressive laws against their citizens because of what many Caribbeans called 'noodle-spined' politicians who have been outmaneuvered or are afraid to lead and allow their country to be controlled by those with outdated thinking and selfish motives. The Caribbean is awash in alcohol, and anyone purchasing alcohol will very, very rarely get carded when purchasing this very addictive substance which is responsible for so many sicknesses, death, domestic violence and black on black violence in this region. Many of the anti-cannabis leaders enjoy the benefits of legal alcohol, and some don't see anything wrong with having a drink every now and then, after all, Jesus turned water into wine, although in Genesis 1 verses 29 it was said to use all seed-bearing trees for food, however, this verse is not convenient at the moment and must be interpreted according to their agenda. Local cannabis advocates are now questioning who or what is incentivizing this racist prohibitionist ideology in the Caribbean?
But it's not just waring of the words here in the tropics between progressive politics and the far-right anti-cannabis leaders, there is much hope, most Bahamians born after The Bahamas independence (July 10, 1973) favors legalization, along with the millennials, these young business-minded adults are all for the financial freedom of both recreational and medicinal cannabis good-paying jobs, along with a small but influential minority of those age 60+ who did not drink the contaminated prohibition kool-aid, their vote and voices are the hope for a soon to be cannabis-friendly Bahamas.
Pro-cannabis Bahamian leaders know that there is much at stake in this, globalization, climate change, WTO ascension, and The Bahamas maintaining it's powerful and influential leadership standing in the Caribbean.
It's almost time to book your next 'cannacation' in The Bahamas, the Minnis administration seems poised to legalize cannabis before the next general election in 2022, this is very exciting news for Bahamians who feels it's time to live up to their famous slogan: Cannabis, IT'S BETTER IN THE BAHAMAS.

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