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Thank you so much for supporting our clothing brand.

As you know, Cannabis legalization is very important for our Generation, like you, together we are just trying to do our part to make it a reality around the world!

We are an independent family brand, our passion is personal, because of family, job or public status every cannabis advocate cannot comfortably wear a traditional marijuana leaf t-shirt. Therefore we’ve created the first and only premium alternative t-shirt to the standard ‘marijuana leaf’ tee that anyone can wear, whether they enjoy cannabis (LEAFY GENIUS TEE) or not (GENIUS CLASSIC TEE). All of our t-shirts are individually put together and the tags are hand sewn to every t-shirt shipped, these unique ‘old school’ quality and dedication to our t-shirts are what separates us from the status quo traditional t-shirt brands. We do not have a million-dollar marketing budget but through friends like you and word-of-mouth thankfully our brand will continue to reach more people, positively advocating daily for the legalization of cannabis. Our t-shirts have received five stars review from all of our customers except for one four-star review, we always give 110% but unfortunately, sometimes we cannot control the hurricanes seasons. 😊

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about us and to #WearYourGenius t-shirt at important events, we know your reputation is important; we will not let you down.

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